Summer Adventures


Enjoy the Alaska summer

Daily tour options are included with our all-inclusive pricing ($1200/person/day). Those renting the property at a nightly rate can hire our private guide for $1000/day for up to 5 persons ($250 for each additional person).

Price includes transportation and gear for the activity of your choice. All flights are an additional cost.


Summer Dog Mushing Experience

Join our kennel staff to learn about the Alaskan Husky Sled dogs of Squid Acres Kennel. Learn how staff train the dogs year-round to run the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest, two of the hardest sled dog races in the world. Help harness and hook up the dogs for a training run and ride along with the team.

Activity Level = Good for all ages and physical abilities.

This adventure can be combined with ½ day hiking or fishing.


Guided Wilderness Hiking

Join a guide on a wilderness hike in the Clearwater Mountains. We’ll start by taking an ATV up into the mountains on a rustic mining trail. We’ll leave the ATV behind and head off to explore off trail. Our guides will share their local knowledge of the plants, wildlife and geology of the area. Hike to alpine lakes, historic mining areas and much more!

Activity Level = We can create a hiking adventure that is strenuous or that can be done with children or guests with reduced mobility.


ATV Sight Seeing Tour

Guests will ride in our 5-passenger side by side ATVs to see the local mountain trails. Along the way, guests will have the chance to spot local wildlife such as moose, caribou, bears, wolves, and many species of birds. We’ll visit some historic remnants of the now uninhabited mining and native village of Denali.

Activity Level = Good for all ages and abilities.


Canoe Exploration of Tangle Lakes Archaeological District

Spend the day canoeing in the Delta Wild and Scenic River corridor. This series of lakes and rivers has over 10,000 years of documented human use and is protected to preserve the archaeological record. The lakes are surrounded by beautiful mountains and is extremely rich in wildlife. Guests will have the chance to see many nesting bird species including swans, shorebirds and other waterfowl. Moose and caribou frequent the areas. The lakes have grayling and lake trout for those who would like to try their hand at fishing. There is also very good hiking in the area, so there is always the chance to get out of the canoes and take a look around.

Activity Level = Best for teenage and older.


Fishing Day Trip

We have many options for fishing in the direct area. Arctic Grayling and Lake Trout are the main sportfish species in our neighborhood. Our guides can get you to the fishing hotspots while try your hand at these species. We can float in a mountain lake to catch Lake Trout or we can spend the day wading the mountain streams searching for trophy grayling. We like to focus on the size of the fisher’s smile rather than the size of the fish caught!

Activity Level = Can cater to all ages and ability levels.


Denali Highway Road Tour

Join our guides for a driving tour along the Denali Highway to see some of the scenic areas and wildlife along the road. This tour can include a multitude of options including hikes, fishing, birdwatching along the way.

Activity Level = Can cater to all ages and ability levels.


Try your hand at pack rafting

These small boats that roll up and fit in a back pack allow us to do some amazing adventures. We can take an ATV up a mining road and then hike to nearby lakes and streams where we will inflate our pack rafts and explore by water. We have multiple options for different ages and ability levels. We can do long hikes to flowing streams or short hikes to quiet lakes.

Activity Level = must be able to hike. Options for all ability levels.


Explore the Birds of the Tundra

Join our guides for a hike on the tundra or paddle on the local lakes to watch for our awesome Alaska birds along the way. The Denali Highway is home a large variety of birds. See our bird list here. 

Activity Level = Can cater to all ages and ability levels


Wilderness Stretching

Start each day with Yoga

Our partner yoga instructor from Yoga Untamed can create the perfect yoga retreat for your group. Yoga Untamed likes to get people out in the wilderness to learn more about themselves and the environment around them. We can arrange morning yoga sessions or full day excursions with Yoga mixed in. Imagine doing paddle board yoga on a remote alpine lake or hiking to a mountain ridge to do yoga in the alpine breeze. Contact us to learn more about the possiblities.

Activity Level = beginner to advanced 


Additional Guided Adventures

Available with advanced booking- prices are subject to change.

No travel partners, no problem!

Mixed Group Adventures

Most of our offerings are for private groups. However, we do offer several mixed group adventures that may be more economical and more fun for one or two travelers. These trips are a great chance to meet new people with similar interests. Click the link here to learn about our mixed group adventures. 

Prices include transportation, lodging, food and gear for activities.

Activity Level = Good for all ages and physical abilities.


Helicopter Combo Tours

Guests will be picked up at the lodge by helicopter and can then head for the hills to do the activity of their choice. With the use of helicopter, we can access remote fishing, hiking and packrafting areas. Contact us for pricing. 

Activity Level = Can cater to all ages and ability levels.


Flight Seeing and Glacier Landing Tour by small airplane

Guests will meet their pilot at our private airstrip at the Lodge. You’ll then fly with a local pilot to explore the Alaska Range from the air and get the chance to land on a local glacier. Flight seeing tours to see Denali can also be arranged. Contact us for pricing on flights.

Activity Level = Good for all ages and physical abilities.

Now you know us, come & stay.